Sportsbet Offer Punters Odds on oBikes

Sportsbet Offer Punters Odds where oBikes will be dumped

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BETTING agency Sportsbet are offering odds on the number and locations of dumped oBikes across Melbourne has angered the bikes’ Australian operator and a cycling lobby group.

Sportsbet is running odds on the number of bikes that will be fished out of the Yarra this month, and which Melbourne landmark the cycles will turn up at.

“This is not ideal when we are trying to educate public about bike sharing and the benefits of bike sharing to the community at large,”

– Mr Rangaswamy said.

And the Bicycle Network said offering odds encouraged vandalism and dumping of property.

“C’mon it’s time that we gave oBikes a fair go. Thousands of Melburnians have downloaded the app and more are more people are riding them around each day,”

– Bicycle Network CEO Craig Richards said.

“Encouraging vandalism is pretty poor form. I don’t understand why people think it’s bad to vandalise a public train but OK to vandalise a public bike.”

Sportsbet is offering punters odds of $2.70 if an oBike is found on the MCG playing surface, or $8 to be on top of the Melbourne Star Wheel.

The betting company was even offering $61 of an oBike being spotted at Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium, Sportsbet’s Will Byrne said.

“The bikes seem to be multiplying by the day so it’s anyone’s guess what unusual spot they’ll be found in next,”

– Mr Byrne, of said.