Neds Bet Boost & Neds Cash Out – How To Use Them:

Neds bet boost feature
Neds bet boost feature
What is Neds Bet Boost and can you use it?
New to the Australian market and exclusive to Neds, Bet Boost gives you more bang for your bet by adding cash directly from Neds to your stake.

The more stake you begin with, the bigger your Neds Bet Boost will be.

That means, bigger winnings at no extra cost!

Neds Bet Boost is available for selected fixed-odd Australian racing and selected sports markets.

If you’d like to check if Bet Boost is available for your specific bet, simply add your selections to your Neds Quick Slip or Bet Slip.

From there, you will see a Bet Boost button next to your stake, if it is available:

When you choose to boost your bet, you’ll be able to see your enhanced stake before confirming.

Remember – The new stake you’ll see includes your original stake and your Bet Boost.

Each eligible punter will have, by default, one (1) Bet Boost available to them every day, but from time to time, Neds may have special promotions for additional Bet Boosts, good Luck! Neds – It’s time to bet!

Neds Cash Out & How To Use It?

Neds – What is Cash Out and how do I use it?
Be in control of your own punting destiny with Neds Cash Out.

Neds Cash Out options gives you the option to get some instant cash back from your bet before the event or match is over.

Four legs into your once-glorious multi but not feeling that confident about the last game anymore? Cash out. Trusted a hot tip on a horse but you’re second-guessing your sources now? Cash out!

How to use Neds Cash Out:

  1. Keep an eye out for the Cash Out icon in your selected markets
  2. Make your selection and place your bet
  3. Go to Pending Bets and you’ll be able to see exactly what the Cash Out value is for your specific bets at that point in time. Note that this value can fluctuate depending on odds
  4. To Cash Out, just tap the Cash Out button next to your bet
  5. Your balance will now be updated with your newly cashed-out winnings
  6. Cash Out is available in-between events and matches on selected racing win multi bets and selected sports head-to-head multi bets.

Need further help? Simply contact Customer Support.

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