Ladbrokes Cash In, Available At Newsagents

We are proud to announce that we have become the first betting operator in Australia to offer an innovative ‘Cash In’ feature that allows punters to instantly deposit money into their Ladbrokes account at over 1000 participating newsagents right around Australia.

Instead of using credit cards to bet online, our punters now have the option to easily deposit cash straight into their Ladbrokes account and the best part is that this money can also be instantly withdrawn from these accounts thanks to the Ladbrokes Visa Card.

There are three different ways that you can take advantage of the Cash In option, but the easiest way is by using your smartphone, which allows punters to deposit money into their account in little more than ten seconds.

Smartphone Cash In

Ladbrokes Smartphone Cash In

Login to your Ladbrokes account, find the Cash In button and press new deposit, which will then allow you to fill in the amount that you wish to deposit.

Once you have done this, you will be given a code on your smartphone and all you need to do is take this code to your local participating newsagent and make your payment to instantly top up your Ladbrokes account.

Desktop Cash In
It doesn’t matter if you don’t have access to a smartphone – you can still take advantage of the Ladbrokes Cash In product.
If you access the Ladbrokes website on your computer, login to your Ladbrokes account and follow a very similar process to smartphone users, you will be given an electronic code that can then be printed out and taken to your local newsagent for an instant deposit.

Pre-Paid Card Cash In
The final way to take advantage of the Ladbrokes Cash In option is to purchase a pre-paid card in participating newsagents that will also allow you to instantly top-up your account without using your credit card by redeeming online.

Find A Newsagent
It is very easy to find out where you can make your Cash In deposit.
Press the find a store option on your smartphone and because your smartphone knows your location, it will automatically find the participating newsagents that are closest to you. You can also search for participating newsagents via the desktop website.
There will be over 1000 Ladbrokes Cash In newsagents right around the country and no matter where you live, you are sure to have no problems finding one.

This is yet another example of the innovation that Ladbrokes has been famous for since we entered the Australian betting market two years ago and Ladbrokes Cash In makes it even easier for you to take advantage of the better offers and better odds that we have available every single day!

You can start using Ladbrokes Cash In with the iPhone app, Android app or on the Mobile Website plus the Desktop Website.