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Sportsbet Hotshot Jackpot
Sportsbet Hotshot Jackpot - Free To Play

Sportsbet Hotshot Jackpot, Heads Up:

It’s free to play!
Only one account is allowed per person. Make sure you have a Sportsbet account to be able to play. It’s free to sign up.

Only one entry per round is allowed per person
This is available on the Sportsbet Android App and desktop, to get a FULL sportsbet deposit match bonus, sign up to Sportsbet via your browser (not in the app). Make sure your Sportsbet app is the latest version

If two or more participants correctly predict the winning team and margin in all 5 NBA matches for the week, the prize will be split equally among those players.

The matches for the week will generally be available by mid-day Wednesday that week.

An entry can be changed following submission up until tip-off time of the first game in that round. When the competition has closed, entrants cannot change their predictions.

Full list of Hotshot Jackpot Terms and Conditions on Sportsbet Website

Sportsbet Hotshot Jackpot FAQs

  • What is Hotshot Jackpot?
  • Select the winning team and margin in 5 NBA matches to win

  • Does it cost to play?
  • No! It’s complete FREE to play Hotshot Jackpot

  • How do I play?
  • Pick the winning team and margin across the 5 selected matches. Overtime is included.
    Log in to your Sportbet account or register if you’re a new customer
    Submit your selections, you’re good to go!

  • Can I use my Sportsbet account?
  • Yes, you can login with your Sportsbet account

  • What is the winning margin?
  • The winning margin is the amount of points a team wins by. You need to select the winning team and the winning margin (in bands of 5 points). The winning margin bands are:

    • 1-5 points
    • 6-10 points
    • 11-15 points
    • 16-19 points
    • 20-25 points
    • 36-30 points
    • 31+ points
  • What can I win?
  • There’s $5,000 to be won each week. You need to select the winning team and margin in 5 matches correctly to win. If there are multiple winners, the prize will be shared equally among all winners.

  • When do I have to submit my selections?
  • Your selections must be submitted at least 15 minutes before the first match of the Hotshot Jackpot round

  • When will I be able to see the matches for the week?
  • Matches for the week will generally be available by 12pm AEST Wednesday that week for you to selection.

  • Can I change my selections?
  • Yes, you can change your selections up until the round closes (before the first Hotshot Jackpot match).
    Once a round is live, you can’t change your selections.

  • What happens when matches are postponed?
  • If any Hotshot Jackpot fixture is postponed, abandoned or not completed (more than 5 minutes to play) the fixture will be considered void. At least five Hotshot Jackpot fixtures must be completed during the relevant round for the Jackpot to be won.

  • Can I enter more than once?
  • No, Sportsbet strictly allows one account per member. Any member identified with more than one account may be disqualified from the competition.

  • If I win, when do I get my prize?
  • The prize will be deposited into your Sportsbet account as cash once you have met the verification requirements. Prizes can take up to 10 business days to reach winner’s accounts

  • How are prizes paid for winners?
  • Prizes are paid into Member’s Sportsbet accounts.
    If there are multiple winners, the Jackpot will be shared equally amongst all winners.

  • Is overtime included?
  • Yes, overtime score is included for Hotshot Jackpot as per our US Basketball rules.

  • How do I opt out of Sportsbet Hotshot Jackpot emails?

Yes, you will get emails. To opt out of HSJP emails (including confirmation of picks you’ve submitted, results for each round and reminder to submit picks), just go to the Settings tab within the game select which emails you want/don’t want to receive.